Numerology’s Presidential Curse; Wear’t Acquire Elected In just A Yr Finishing Within Zero

8 of our 43 U.S. Presidents comprise died within place of work; and of these 7 had been elected inside the 20 yr cycle starting inside 1840, and finishing within just 1960. Is there seriously a curse upon U.S. Presidents who acquire elections inside a long time finishing within Zero?

Numerology is a science of cycles, hence each time we locate a cycle which include this amongst americans’s life, we try out in direction of Deliver it a nearer visual appearance. In this article then is a comprehensive record of this curious cycle.

===> 1840

William Henry Harrison is elected our 9th president. He features an inaugural speech of 1 hour and 45 minutes, and catches a chilly. It turns into pneumonia and he dies upon April 4th, 1841. He is the 1st president toward die within just business office, and consists of the shortest presidency upon background; only 30 times.

===> 1860

Abraham Lincoln is elected our 16th president. He completes his to start with phrase and is re-elected inside of 1864. He is assassinated via John Wilkes Booth at Ford’s Theater upon April 15th, 1865; simply just 5 times when Robert E. Lee’s surrender finished the Civil war.

===> 1880

James A. Garfield is elected our 20th president. He is shot by way of his murderer Charles J. Guiteau, at the Washington coach station upon July 2nd, 1881 much less than 4 weeks into his presidency. Garfield lived for an additional 11 months, however frequent probing for the bullet prompted an infection towards fastened within, and he died of blood poisoning upon September 19th, 1881.

===> 1900

William McKinley was elected our 25th president within 1896. He operates and wins re-election within 1900. He is shot through his murderer, Leon F. Czlogosz at a community reception within Buffalo, Fresh York upon September 6th, 1901. He lived a further 8 times and died upon September 14th, 1901.

===> 1920

Warren G. Harding is elected our 29th president. Although returning in opposition to a vacation in direction of Alaska inside June 1923, Harding comes within San Francisco agony versus food stuff poisoning. He develops pneumonia and dies abruptly upon August 2nd, 1923.

===> 1940

Franklin D. Roosevelt was elected our 32nd president within 1932. He wins re-election within just 1936, 1940, and 1944. He dies inside business upon June 12th, 1945 of a cerebral hemorrhage.

===> 1960

John F. Kennedy is elected our 35th President. He is shot and killed, presumably by means of Lee Harvey Oswald inside a motorcade inside Dallas, Texas upon November 22nd, 1963.

===> 1980

Ronald Regan is elected our 40th president. 2 weeks into his presidency, he is shot as a result of John Hinckley Jr. within just Washington D.C. upon March 30th, 1981. Regan is significantly injured, nonetheless the bullet misses his centre, and unexpected emergency operation will save him. Regan survives, and operates for and wins an additional expression in just 1984. Regan breaks the chain of 7 presidents elected in just the 20 12 months cycle in the direction of die within just workplace.

===> 2000

George W. Bush is elected our 43rd president. He received re-election within 2004, hence the clock is however ticking upon him. He incorporates an additional 21 weeks within just business office.

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