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On 2 December we joined the Professional Horticulture Group South West for their annual Christmas lunch at Lackham College. Before the lunch cider expert Liz Copas, Cider Pomologist at Long Ashton Research Station and Orcharding Advisor for the National Association of Cider Makers for many years, gave a talk on the history and ultra-modern tendencies in the cider industry. A full document will be in subsequent month’s e-newsletter

We are also thinking about occasions for 2017 and beyond. Already within the pipeline is a visit to the Royal Botanic Gardens Kew to see their technological know-how programme and optimistically a preview of the renovated Temperate House. A tour of Cambridge College gardens is being planned by way of our very own Margaret Waddy who’s now a qualified Cambridge excursion manual (congratulations Margaret). Other trips in the pipeline are visits to the jam and preserve manufacturing of Wilkin and Sons at Tiptree in Essex and a Sussex winery.

Peter Grimbly

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European Nematologists meet in Portugal

Carrots wiith rootknot nematodesIn past due August/early September SCI sponsored the invitation of a distinguished speaker on the ‘genomics and transcriptomics’ consultation of the 32nd symposium of the European Society of Nematologists. This session, co-organised by preceding David Miller awardee Dr Sebastian Eves-van den Akker of the John Innes Centre and the University of Dundee (UK), and Dr Etienne Danchin of INRA Sophia Antipolis (France), included a stimulating update on the maximum latest advances inside the discipline of nematode genomics, together with predominant pathogens of horticultural species, the plant-parasitic nematodes.

The invited speaker, Prof Ralf Sommer, opened the consultation with an inspiring presentation of an first-rate frame of work on the version nematode Pristionchus pacificus. Following this, the session included talks from researchers from 8 countries masking a range of topics of nematode genomics and transcriptomics from foundational to applied studies. The session was a wonderful success and a highlight of the meeting as a whole.

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