FEPORT welcomes IMO Secretary common’s proposed theme for 2017 World Maritime Day

Addressing the IMO Council, meeting for its 116th session at IMO Headquarters in London final July 7th, 2016, Mr. Kitack Lim has mentioned:
“The maritime sector, which entails shipping, ports and the persons that function them, can and should play a colossal function helping Member States to create conditions for increased employment, prosperity and stability ashore through promoting exchange through sea; improving the port and maritime sector as wealth creators both on land and, through establishing a sustainable blue economic system, at sea”.

“it is a very constructive sign to the wider maritime community that M. Kitack Lim has despatched through proposing as a theme for 2017 World Maritime Day: “Connecting Ships, Ports and persons” says Lamia Kerdjoudj-Belkaid, Secretary basic of FEPORT.

“We cannot but support M. Lim’s inclusive approach aiming at involving all actors shipping, public and personal port stakeholders with the target of making a choice on and selling the first-rate cooperative practices” continues Lamia Kerdjoudj-Belkaid.

Last March 1st, 2016, within the framework of his participation to the 2016 ICHCA convention about ‘higher Ships, better Challenges’, M. Lim addressed the main matter of “safe, comfortable and effective world maritime exchange in the context of recent world challenges” and already dedicated to strive to make the excellent use of his legit expertise of the maritime and port industries to advertise cooperation between all maritime stakeholders.

“exclusive Port Operators and terminals are satisfied to peer that M. Lim’s announcement has translated right into a concrete notion. They’re wholly committed to play their position to facilitate alternate and contribute to financial development and as a consequence subscribe to the goals of the 2017 World Maritime Day”.

“it’s most important not to disregard that ninety% of goods are carried through vessels and that after they reach ports they still have got to continue their trip unless final destination i.E. Finish buyers. In this respect, as urged by using M. Lim, the role of the other parties of the give and logistics chain and extra primarily port stakeholders is imperative” concludes Lamia Kerdjoudj-Belkaid.


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