Mistake to maintain his affiliation with Adams

He recognized it would be a mistake to maintain his affiliation with Adams, whose ideas to extend the use of federal strength to promote countrywide economic, intellectual, and cultural development drew a cold reception in South Carolina. So when Andrew Jackson commenced making ready to venture Adams within the 1828 presidential election, Calhoun switched sides. The Democrats rewarded Calhoun by using making him their candidate for vp, and the price tag won.

That identical yr, Congress handed a quite protective tariff that Southerners bitterly antagonistic, viewing the measure as sacrificing Southern agrarian pastimes to gain Northern industry. The protest towards the so-referred to as Tariff of Abominations grew mainly strong in South Carolina, and in reaction to a request from the state legislature, Calhoun secretly wrote an essay titled ‘South Carolina Exposition and Protest.’ In it, he asserted that states had a constitutional right to nullify any federal authorities movements they considered unconstitutional.


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