Gigantic gasoline reserves located off Senegal

Dakar (AFP) – Senegal on Thursday hailed the invention of offshore fuel reserves estimated at 450 billion cubic metres as a recreation changer for the west African nation.

US company Kosmos said its Guembeul-1 exploration good, located within the northern a part of the Saint Louis Offshore Profond license discipline in Senegal, had made a “colossal fuel discovery.”

The organization said it was a “world category fuel useful resource that extends into each Senegal and Mauritania.”

“that is the excellent news viable for our nation,” stated power Minister Thierno lamentably sane Sall on state tv.

He stated this might enable Senegal “to be self-sufficient in power and also export gas to the relaxation of the sector.”

Dallas-centered Kosmos vigour has on account that 2014 had exploration rights off Senegal.

The government mentioned it used to be “the most important gasoline reserve in west Africa” in an offshore subject shared between Senegal and Mauritania.

Kosmos stated it had signed agreements with the countrywide oil organizations of Senegal and Mauritania to jointly strengthen the offshore discipline.

The corporation holds 60 percentage of the rights to the area, with Timi manufacturer owned by way of Romanian-born multi-millionaire Frank Timi holding 30 percentage and Senegal’s Petros en national oil manufacturer keeping the remaining 10 percent.


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