Federal Territory

At the same time as the Union organized a competing kingdom government with the aid of calling a constitutional convention that had at first been convened to vote on secession.

Despite the fact that Kentucky did now not secede, for a time it declared itself neutral. Throughout a short profession with the aid of the accomplice military, Southern sympathizers organized a secession convention, inaugurated a confederate Governor, and received recognition from the Confederacy.

Residents of the northwestern counties of Virginia organized secession from Virginia, with a plan for sluggish emancipation, and entered the Union in 1863 as West Virginia. Comparable secessions had been supported in some different regions of the Confederacy (which include eastern Tennessee), however were suppressed through declarations of martial regulation by using the Confederacy. Conversely, the southern 1/2 of the Federal Territory of latest Mexico voted to secede, and became regular into the Confederacy because the Territory of Arizona (see map), with its capital in Mesilla (now part of New Mexico). Although the northern half of of latest Mexico never voted to secede, the Confederacy did lay declare to this territory and in brief occupied the territorial capital of Santa Fe among March thirteen and April 8, 1862, but in no way organized a territorial authorities.


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