Border States

Along side the northwestern counties of Virginia (whose residents did now not want to secede and subsequently entered the Union in 1863 as West Virginia), 4 of the 5 northernmost “slave states,” (Maryland, Delaware, Missouri, and Kentucky) did now not secede, and have become called the Border States.

Delaware, which in the 1860 election had voted for Southern Democrat John C. Breckinridge, had few slaves and in no way taken into consideration secession. Maryland also voted for Breckinridge, and after the Baltimore riot of 1861 and other events had prompted a federal announcement of martial law, its legislature rejected secession (April 27, 1861). Both Missouri and Kentucky remained in the Union, however factions inside every state prepared “secessions” that had been identified by the C.S.A.

In Missouri, the nation government beneath Governor Claiborne F. Jackson, a Southern sympathizer, evacuated the nation capital of Jefferson town and met in exile at the town of Neosho, Missouri, adopting a secession ordinance that changed into diagnosed through the Confederacy on October 30, 1861,


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