Southern arguments

An 1863 Northern source, referred to in McPherson (1995), wrote: “we are combating for the Union…a high and noble sentiment, however after all a sentiment. They’re combating for independence and are animated with the aid of ardour and hatred in opposition to invaders.… It makes no distinction whether the reason is simply or now not. You could arise an quantity of enthusiasm that not anything else will excite”

Southern arguments used to justify slavery had tremendous support and one hundred years later, nearly identical arguments had been nonetheless getting used to assist segregation. In his Pulitzer Prize winning warfare Cry of Freedom (1988, 2003), McPherson comments that for maximum Southerners, slavery become now not regarded as the evil that “Yankee fans” portrayed, however as a “tremendous excellent, the idea of prosperity, peace, and white supremacy, a necessity to prevent blacks from degenerating into barbarism, crime, and poverty” He shows that by the mid-19th century slavery had so polarized the united states of america that “an eventual showdown” among North and South become inevitable.


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