vigour commission to repair Ghana’s chronic energy crises

Dr Kwame Ampofo, the Board Chairman of the vigour fee, has introduced plans to do away with issues riddling the vigour sector and repair permanently the country’s persistent vigor concern. Spanning ears.

The programme to resolve the challenges within the vigour sector, and fix it, could be divided into three phases of implementation – ‘short, Medium and long terms,’ he said in a assertion copied to the Ghana news agency.

Dr Ampofo’s announcement on the ‘state of the nation deal with (2016): matters bobbing up,’ defined that segment one of the most challenge geared toward managing the drawback, whilst phase two checked out consolidating the positive aspects.

He mentioned managing the trouble, below phase one had been achieved at the same time the disparity between deliver and demand had been eliminated.

‘ indeed, three,000MW iteration ability is to be brought by using 2020,’ Dr Ampofo said.

An initiative to ensure automatic timers to be outfitted to deep freezers was once also being viewed to isolate the freezer for the period of the peak interval of 18:00 hours to middle of the night.

For every one million freezers outfitted with this gadget, 250 – 300MW of vigour could be saved off the height or the country wide load profile, he defined.

He mentioned the commission would also expedite President Dramani Mahama’s countrywide Rooftop solar Programme to duvet 200,000 rooftops.

‘The influence of this programme will be to shave off 200MW of vigor from the grid, moreover; the inclusion of web metering technological know-how will permit beneficiaries of the programme to interconnect with the grid.’

‘which means, each of such constructions becomes a small new release plant that supplies self-generated sunlight energy into the grid to boost the utility of the grid.

‘As extra houses are built, so will self-generated vigor grow to aid the grid with inexhaustible power from the sun and from each home and every rooftop,’ it said.


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