Alfonzo Completes Sheriffs path

Alfonzo Williams, sheriff-choose for Burke County, has completed the 160-hour sheriffs-pick academy.

Alfonzo Williams, sheriff-choose for Burke County, has accomplished the 160-hour sheriffs-pick academy.

Williams and 33 different newly elected sheriffs had been required by the state to report to the month-long academy right away after the final election to be knowledgeable in themes they’re going to face as the manager law enforcement officer of their county, according to a news liberate.

Williams attended coaching in Forsyth and accomplished the path Dec. 16. The a hundred and sixty-hour curriculum incorporated classroom instruction emphasizing the duties of the manager regulation enforcement officer of their county.
Over the span of 21 years, he worked as the appearing chief of the Waynes­boro Police division, an officer at the Columbia County Sheriff’s office, a instructor and director on the vicinity’s police academy, and an trainer at Augusta Technical university. In February 2011, he was employed as Waynes­boro’s police chief and immediately enacted changes.

Williams created a residents police academy and a citizens on patrol software and put extra officers on every shift to expand police presence and connect with the community.

From 2010 to 2011, robberies dropped sixty two percent, burglaries 37 percent and assaults 21 percentage. Armed robberies extended fairly in 2012, however Williams said there is extra believe between the neighborhood and the police than ever before.

Williams labored to boost professionalism in his division by increasing coaching and keeping officers accountable for time beyond regulation and ill go away abuses.

Before, there was no admire, he stated. It was customary to see residents throw rocks and bottles at patrol cars.

“This was an awfully afflicted department, very embarrassing,” Williams stated. “The crime tradition used to be in control of town.”

Waynesboro Ward three city Coun­cilwoman Brenda Lewis said she has no longer given up on seeking to persuade Williams to remain. She stated she referred to as a assembly for 2 p.M. Today to discuss the obstacle. In Jan­uary, a motion to rent Wil­liams as town’s assistant administrator failed via one vote.

“We’ve performed everything we will to hold him right here,” she said. “We ought to speak more.”

Williams mentioned he is at ease in his decision and plans to move his family to Augusta to be a part of the community he serves. There is best just right ahead, he said.

“My focal point has consistently been to serve the persons and be respected for what I do,” Williams stated. “I wish to exhibit what public service is supposed to be.”


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