American records

The watershed event of america history became the yankee Civil war (1861–1865), fought in North the usa in the territory of the usa of the us, between 24 frequently northern states of the Union and the confederate States of america, a coalition of eleven southern states that declared their independence and claimed the right of secession from the Union in 1860–1861. The battle produced greater than 970,000 casualties (3.09 percent of the population), which covered approximately 560,300 deaths (1.78 percent), a lack of extra American lives than another struggle in records. Its protagonists on each facets, Abraham Lincoln and Robert E. Lee, were men of first-rate person and among the most storied figures in American records.

The Union victory resulted inside the abolition of slavery and consolidation of the Union. Yet complete equality for African people would wait some other century, till the end result of the Civil Rights motion.


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