A day by day strip is a newspaper

As of 2012, Chris Ayres cowrote “Ask Dr. Ozzy” with Ozzy Osbourne for The Sunday Times Magazine and Rolling Stone. The column functions readers asking Ozzy private and fitness questions, often resulting in a humorous reaction that consists of the truth that Osbourne isn’t always a actual doctor and that the reader should consult a legitimate physician as an alternative.
In Terry Pratchett’s Discworld series, the Agony Aunts are elderly however violent enforcers for the Seamstress Guild, pausing in their pursuit of offenders handiest to shop for deals at rummage income.
In The Brady Bunch episode “Dear Libby”, the six kids of a mixed circle of relatives see a problem similar to their family is having in an eponymous recommendation column, and worry their (mixed) own family won’t continue to exist. After all the youngsters also submit their questions to the column, the columnist herself visits the circle of relatives and offers them relief via saying that the individual that published the unique question did now not come from this own family.
A day by day strip is a newspaper comedian strip layout, performing on weekdays, Monday via Saturday, as contrasted with a Sunday strip, which generally best seems on Sundays.

Bud Fisher’s Mutt and Jeff is usually seemed because the first day by day comic strip, released November 15, 1907 (beneath its initial title, A. Mutt) on the sports pages of the San Francisco Chronicle. The featured person had formerly appeared in sports cartoons by means of Fisher but turned into unnamed. Fisher had approached his editor, John P. Young, about doing a everyday strip as early as 1905 however changed into grew to become down. According to Fisher, Young advised him, “It would soak up an excessive amount of room, and readers are used to studying down the page, and no longer horizontally.”[1] Other cartoonists observed the trend set by using Fisher, as stated via comic strip historian R. C. Harvey:


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