Calhoun did not intend to encourage states to secede

Slavery become an critical condition of Calhoun’s second principal contribution to American political notion — the concept of the concurrent majority. In a nutshell, requiring concurrent majority would safeguard slavery in a political weather that changed into increasingly more anti-slavery and wherein the slaveholding South enjoyed too little illustration to defend its interest. From Calhoun’s point of view, the reason of the concurrent majority concept turned into to prevent the North, with its populace majority, from ruling the country as a tyrant. ‘to control via the numerical majority alone is to confuse part of the human beings with the complete,’ he argued.

To show the concept of concurrent majority into regulation, the charter needed to be officially amended. The change Calhoun expected would also consist of a provision for every place to have a first-rate government invested with veto energy over any congressional action, and the energy to execute any federal regulation in accordance with the pastimes of his place.


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