Northern Ghana Paths no longer Roads!

Excluding the principal roads main to the major towns and cities in the upper west region, upper east region, and the northern neighborhood, all different routes we called roads within the aforementioned regions are paths. Those paths known as roads are still, in a gradual advancing system to emerge as roads. These conditions had been with us, because the inception of our nation. On those paths/roads, if two vehicles meet, one has to roll into the rampikes to present means for the other automobile to pass. We are no longer in the medieval world so, some thing critically have to be done about them.

Considering time in reminiscence, we have now continuously noticeable those paths/roads leading to our villages with pot holes and dust, the messy nature of these paths/roads when it rains is appalling. In the dry season, any individual who’s compelled to move the village covers themselves very good to avoid inhaling dirt. These with air conditioned automobiles roll their glasses as much as the fullest and people with out air conditions step on the throttle to the floor. They are going to velocity their automobiles either consciously or unconsciously to enable them get to their vacation spot and return again as swiftly as they might.

At the same time individuals are elated to get their constructions via the road side in the cities, it is now not the identical within the villages. The reasons are simple, when a car passes on that road, path clouds of dirt are continually poured on these poor villagers to ingest which absolutely may finally get them unwell.

Yet every 12 months, the district councils have a finances to rehabilitate those paths/roads. They’ll get a contractor to pour gravel on those paths/roads, get a squeaky earth leveling laptop to unfold the gravel to fill the pot holes. This follow has persisted in view that time in memory, only for the gravel poured on the paths/roads to be eroded when it rains again.

Nobody takes time to inspect that gravel to determine the density of the compaction. That’s if even at all it’s compacted, which I doubt. No person test the compaction to be sure it attains the highest dry density. With none suitable supervision, spreading gravel on those paths/roads is simply throwing our cash on the ground with none tangible results.

How can we be doing the identical factor at all times and expect unique results? Our men and women have suffered for so long a time, when will these situations be tackled head on to ameliorate the unhealthy situation prevailing far and wide these areas? We must remember feasibility reviews of those routes, address bereft reasons at locations such as culverts, bridges and gutters ect, to significantly deal with them.

Compaction of the paths/roads will have to be inspected by using authorities when renovating them to produce desired outcomes. Compaction have to reap ninety five% to 100% of the maximum dry density to resist pressures of load. We will have to divide the finances used to hold the paths/roads every yr, via making use of section to start tarring those paths/roads, even if it’s one kilometer every 12 months.


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