GGC moves to develop grains construction

The Ghana Grains Council (GGC), has moved to open up market opportunities to raise grains construction with the launch of the maiden annual Southern Ghana pre-harvest agribusiness fair in Kumasi.

It’s meant to provide the platform for farmers, buyers and other agribusinesses to build more desirable relationships to develop and expand their financial events.

The fair, which officially opens on Thursday, March 03, is a collaboration between the GGC and the us company for global development (USAID).

It will be held under the theme ‘first-rate sells more’ and would deliver collectively, farmers, commodity buyers, processors, transporters, enter purchasers, mechanization carrier vendors and financial institutions.

Mr. Gideon Aboagye, government Director of the Council, advised a media briefing that there can be an exhibition of tractors and farm gear, processing equipment, feed merchandise, advisory offerings and fiscal merchandise tailor-made towards agriculture financing.

There would also be market position sessions the place shoppers and dealers would engage, main to signing of contracts and the development of lasting industry relationships.

Mr. Samson Konlan, a meals protection knowledgeable with the USAID, stated the company used