South that supported a high tariff

‘The truth can not be disguised, that the bizarre dome stick group of the Southern States and the consequent course which that and her soil and climate have given her industry, has placed them…in contrary relation to the majority of the Union….’

There have been some pockets inside the South that supported a high tariff, however all of the slave states have been unified on the slavery problem. So it made political experience for Calhoun to devote himself to the purpose of slavery. From 1833 to 1850 — as a member of the U.S. Senate, a private citizen, and during a stint as President John Tyler’s secretary of kingdom in 1844-1845 — he labored to insulate the organization from any form of assault, ranging from abolitionist rhetoric to perceived overextensions of federal power. At stake for him was not anything less that the survival of the South. ‘i’ve ever had but one opinion on the challenge,’ Calhoun wrote. ‘Our destiny as a people is bound up inside the query.’


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