Congress’s authority to enact such defensive

The act steadily decreased the offending tariff, however it confirmed Congress’s authority to enact such defensive price lists. South Carolina replied by way of repealing its nullification of the tariff, but in a final act of defiance, it nullified the pressure invoice.

For Calhoun the tariff controversy had two crucial results. The first changed into his emergence because the leading political and intellectual defender of the South. The second one was his improvement of a political philosophy to restriction the federal authorities’s energy and for this reason shield the minority agrarian South and its group of slavery.

Though it become the tariff controversy that introduced Calhoun to the vanguard as the leading spokesman for Southern pastimes, slavery was the maximum critical difficulty to the South.‘I bear in mind the tariff act as the occasion instead of the real purpose of the prevailing unhappy nation of things,’ he confided to an accomplice early inside the Nullification crisis.


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