Evaluation of north and south

The accomplice states of america consisted of 11 states—seven unique members and four states that seceded after the autumn of fortress sumter. four border states held slaves however remained in the union. west virginia have become the twenty fourth unswerving country in 1863.
the confederacy changed into now not predestined to defeat, however. the southern armies had the advantage of preventing on interior lines, and their army culture had bulked massive in the records of the usa before 1860. furthermore, the long confederate coastline of three,500 miles (5,six hundred km) seemed to defy blockade, and the accomplice president, jefferson davis, hoped to obtain decisive foreign aid and intervention. confederate squaddieshad been combating to achieve a separate and impartial u . s . based totally on what they known as “southern institutions,” the leader of which become the group of slavery. so the southern cause become no longer a misplaced one; indeed, other countriesmost notably the united states itself in the american revolution towards britain—had won independence against equally heavy odds


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