Railroads as Northerners had achieved

In conjunction with the telegraph.through contrast, the southern economic system became based mainly on massive farms (plantations) that produced business plants which include cotton and that depended on slaves as the primary labour force. in place of invest in factories or railroads as northerners had achieved, southerners invested their cash in slaves—even greater than in land; by means of 1860, eighty four percentage of the capital invested in manufacturing turned into invested inside the loose (nonslaveholding) states. but, to southerners, as past due as 1860, this regarded to be a legitimate commercial enterprise choice. the rate of cotton, the south’s defining crop, had skyrocketed inside the 1850’s, and the value of slaves—who were, in the end, property—rose commensurately. by way of 1860 the according to capital wealth of southern whites changed into twice that of northerners, and 3-fifths of the wealthiest people within the country had been southerners.


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