Anaconda Plan

Yet either facet may want to have prevailed. The Confederacy sought independence and only needed to guard itself. The usa sought to compel the seceded states to desert their hopes to located a brand new kingdom. Union armies would must invade the Confederacy, break its potential to salary warfare, and weigh down the need of the southern humans to withstand. The Confederacy could win merely through prolonging the battle to some extent where the unswerving citizenry taken into consideration the attempt too steeply-priced in lives and money. George Wythe Randolph, who served as confederate secretary of warfare, commented in 1861 that Union forces “may additionally overrun our frontier States and plunder our coast however, as for conquering us, the thing is an impossibility.”

Union and confederate leaders followed very one of a kind techniques to obtain victory. Starting in 1861 with Winfield Scott’s so-called “Anaconda Plan,” the united states pursued a approach that protected a naval blockade to restriction the drift of goods into southern ports, a blended army-military attempt to divide the Confederacy by seizing control of the Mississippi River, and essential offensives into the accomplice hinterlands. The Confederacy first attempted to defend all of its borders, but for maximum of the war Jefferson Davis and his advisers accompanied what often is called a defensive-offensive approach.


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