Establish any New Authorities

The people of Georgia have ever been inclined to face by using this good buy, this contract; they’ve in no way sought to prevent any of its responsibilities; they have got never hitherto sought to establish any new authorities; they’ve struggled to preserve the historical right of themselves and the human race via and with the aid of that constitution.However they understand the value of parchment rights in treacherous palms, and consequently they do not want to commit their very own to the rulers whom the North gives us. Why? Due to the fact by their declared standards and coverage they have outlawed $three,000,000,000 of our belongings within the commonplace territories of the Union; put it underneath the ban of the Republic within the States wherein it exists and out of the safety of Federal law anywhere; because they deliver sanctuary to thieves and incendiaries who assail it to the entire quantity of their strength.


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