Industrial Interests

Historians have debated whether the North and South had end up markedly unique societies by using 1860. Some portray the loose-soil and unfastened-hard work North, with its burgeoning industrial and industrial interests, as an emerging capitalist large at odds with an overwhelmingly agrarian South where most capital became invested in land and slaves. Others insist that the North and South have been a long way greater alike than exclusive. It is clear that by means of the overdue-1850s many americans believed there had been essential variations among the sections and had come to distrust each other approximately how slavery have to discern inside the republic’s future.

The election of 1860 induced the secession disaster. Even though Lincoln and the victorious Republicans had promised not to interfere with slavery in states where it already existed, they firmly hostile slavery’s spread to any federal territories. Between December 1860 and February 1861, the seven Deep South states seceded to avoid what they perceived as an extended-term threat to their slave holding pastimes.


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