Public law of civilized international locations calls

The public law of civilized international locations calls for each country to restrain its citizens or topics from committing acts injurious to the peace and safety of another state and from attempting to excite revolt, or to reduce the safety, or to disturb the tranquillity in their acquaintances, and our charter wisely gives Congress the electricity to punish all offenses in opposition to the laws of countries.

Those are sound and just ideas which have received the approbation of just guys in all nations and all centuries; but they’re wholly disregarded by using the human beings of the Northern States, and the Federal government is impotent to keep them. For two decades past the abolitionists and their allies inside the Northern States have been engaged in steady efforts to subvert our establishments and to excite rise up and servile struggle among us. They have got sent emissaries among us for the accomplishment of these functions.


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