The conflict of Mesilla

Capable of repulse the oncoming Union troops, each facets then commenced skirmishing at lengthyvariety. After 3 Union enlisted men died and two officers and four different men had been wounded, Lynde ordered a return to the citadel. The conflict of Mesilla ended in a confederate victory.

Early day Mesilla, New Mexico with the aid of Carl Schuchard
At sunset on July twenty sixth, Baylor ordered his artillery and more cavalry to boost him, while the rest of his command moved into function to assault the citadel day after today. That same night time, Baylor’s guys managed to capture 85 of the fort‘s horses, which formed maximum of the castle‘s transportation. Foreseeing the oncoming attack, Lynde destroyed the ammunition and materials and the citadel and retreated northeast toward fort Stanton, a few a hundred and fifty miles to the northeast.

fallen into extreme disrepair and its troops eliminated. but, when the Union located out that the Texans were coming in to the territory, they reinforced the citadel.



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