Overtly led the combat towards the tariff

As a senator, he overtly led the combat towards the tariff, which he viewed as a zealous attempt with the aid of Congress to dictate financial policy. This, Calhoun protested — in repudiation of his earlier perspectives — become an overextension of federal strength.

Jackson turned into no fan of the high tariff, both. However he changed into livid with Calhoun and taken into consideration his conduct treasonous. He loudly threatened to march down to South Carolina and in my opinion hang Calhoun and his fellow nullifiers.

Congress responded to the nullification through drafting the force bill, which legal the president to apply navy energy to compel South Carolina to conform with the tariff. The invoice became the goal of Calhoun’s first speech upon returning to the Senate. He expressed outrage on the thought of ‘this authorities, the creature of the States, making struggle against the power to which it owes its lifestyles.’


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