First war of Mesilla


On July, 24, 1861, 250 troops of the 2d Texas installed Rifles crossed the Rio Grande River into Mesilla, arriving to the cheers of the population. A enterprise of Arizona Confederates speedy joined Baylor there. planning to attack the Union pressure at castle Fillmore the following day, they had been thwarted by using a confederate deserter who knowledgeable the castle Fillmore’s commander, major Isaac Lynde.

Taking the offence, Lynde left a small force in the back of to protect the citadel and marched on Mesilla on July 25th. main some 380 Union troops, he approached the city and demanded Baylor’s give up. whilst the Confederates refused, the Union opened hearth along with his mountain howitzers and the infantry became ordered to develop. however, heavy sand and corn fields interfered with this assault. Lynde then ordered his cavalry and three companies of the Regiment of set up Rifles, to rate the confederate forces.



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