Protection of constitutional rights

This act depended to a full-size degree upon the nearby magistrates inside the several States for its performance. The non-slave-retaining States typically repealed all laws supposed to aid the execution of that act, and imposed penalties upon those residents whose loyalty to the constitution and their oaths may result in them to discharge their duty. Congress then exceeded the act of 1850, supplying for the whole execution of this obligation by means of Federal officials. This regulation, which their own terrible faith rendered really indispensable for the protection of constitutional rights, turned into right away met with ferocious revilings and all practicable modes of hostility.The splendid court docket unanimously, and their personal local courts with identical unanimity (with the single and brief exception of the perfect courtroom of Wisconsin), sustained its constitutionality in all of its provisions. But it stands to-day a useless letter for all achievable purposes in every non-slave-preserving state in the Union.


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