A war for the young

Fact and fiction blends nowhere greater so in warfare than in propaganda. With the minimum age of enlistment for both the Union

and Confederacy set at 18, stories have been informed about children who lied about their age to take in the fight. It is a reality

that, such changed into the decision to arms, that youngsters below 18 attempted to join up, sometimes succeeding when abetted by using the blind

eye of an officer.

Fictions had been quickly spun even though, puffing out the details to make inspiring war memories. One such tale is that of John

Clem: supposedly elderly nine while he attempted to enlist, Clem went directly to end up a drummer boy for the Union and is said to have

shot a accomplice colonel lifeless.The Crime against Kansas.” Brown went “loopy — crazy” at the information, his son mentioned. That night time he led a small organization, together with four of his sons, to a proslavery agreement on Pottawatomie Creek.


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