A segment that become seemingly inevitably destined

A segment that become seemingly inevitably destined to be a minority inside the Union, whilst the Northern states enjoyed growing political illustration and strength born of speedy populace growth.

Inside the 1820s, Southerners grew more and more disturbing approximately the North controlling the federal authorities and approximately how that scenario threatened the South and its one of a kind establishments. They looked to leaders who would restriction federal energy. Calhoun all of sudden determined himself the goal of sharp complaint from main South Carolina figures, along with Thomas Cooper, the president of the state college. In 1824, Cooper published a extensively circulated pamphlet attacking Calhoun. ‘He spends the cash of the South to shop for up have an effect on within the North,’ Cooper grumbled.

If Calhoun wanted to keep his reputation as a Southern chief and attain his political dreams, he couldn’t ignore the converting political panorama.


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