The Civil War By the Numbers

From 1861 to 1865, the Civil warfare ravaged the united states. It nevertheless holds numerous infamous statistics, along with the highest wide variety of common deaths in step with day (504). Read greater of the stunning information from the warfare that divided our state.
4:1 The ratio of folks who attended church weekly to people who voted in the 1860 election
2.Five Approximate percent of the yank populace that died within the Civil struggle
7 mil quantity of american citizens misplaced if 2.Five% of the population died in battle these days
2.1 mil range of Northerners mobilized to combat for the Union military
880,000 wide variety of Southerners mobilized for the Confederacy
50 anticipated percentage of Civil conflict deaths that took place in the remaining two years of the conflict
40+ anticipated percentage of Civil war dead who were never identified
sixty six estimated percent of useless African American Union infantrymen who were in no way recognized
2 out of three variety of Civil struggle deaths that occurred from disorder as opposed to war


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