The shy and retiring woman

A persisting fiction surrounding the Civil struggle and just about each conflict seeing that is that it’s miles a man’s game and women simply take a seat at home looking forward to their loved ones to go back. That is only true in the feel that it changed into the male view of women in the 1860s. The fact couldn’t be greater exclusive.

Having rarely relied on girls with a great deal duty before, many guys were stressful at the prospect of their better halves taking fee of their absence. But ladies seized the opportunity, frequently taking over entire control of farms and households. One veteran even returned to find his farm had increased in value thanks to his wife’s management.

Female participation within the battle didn’t prevent there even though – girls also served as nurses or even spies, regularly buying data from unsuspecting men. Perhaps maximum staggeringly, some ladies even dressed as guys and took to the battlefield underneath assumed names.


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