Problem of slavery got here to the fore in American politics

And as the problem of slavery got here to the fore in American politics, the South observed itself on the protecting. Because of the South’s investment in large-scale agriculture, any attack on slavery changed into an assault on the Southern economic system itself.

The problem came to a head in 1819 with the debate over whether or not to permit the Missouri Territory to grow to be a state. The end result changed into the ancient Missouri Compromise of 1820, which accepted the territory to go into the Union as a slave country whilst Maine entered as a loose state, preserving the stability between free and slave states at 12 each. The compromise also prohibited slavery inside the remainder of the Louisiana purchase north of Missouri’s southern border.On the floor, the Missouri Compromise appeared to heal the sectional breach that slavery had created.However the truth that the talk had divided alongside sectional lines awakened the South to the truth that it became a awesome segment


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