Civil War and Reconstruction

In 1861, the usa confronted its greatest disaster to that time. The northern and southern states had turn out to be less and much less alike–socially, economically, politically. The North had grow to be more and more commercial and business while the South had remained largely agricultural. More vital than these differences, but, turned into African-American slavery. The “odd group,” more than any other single factor, separated the South from the North. Northerners generally desired to limit the spread of slavery; a few desired to abolish it altogether. Southerners typically wanted to preserve or even amplify the organization. As a consequence, slavery became the focal point of a political crisis.

Following the 1860 election to the presidency of Republican Abraham Lincoln, 11 southern states ultimately seceded from the Federal Union in 1861. They sought to establish an impartial Confederacy of states in which slavery could be blanketed. Northern Unionists, on the other hand, insisted that secession was now not most effective unconstitutional however unthinkable as well. They had been inclined to use navy pressure to keep the South in the Union. Even Southerners who owned no slaves adversarial threatened Federal coercion. The result became a steeply-priced and bloody civil struggle. Nearly as many americans were killed inside the Civil struggle as in all the country’s different wars mixed.


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