The Scholarly Challenge

Compiling casualty figures for Civil war squaddies is a complicated process. indeed, it’s so complicated that even one hundred fifty years later nobody has, and possibly nobody will, assemble a specific, accurate set of numbers, in particular at the confederate facet.

a real accounting of the wide variety of fellows within the armies may be approached thru a evaluate of 3primary documents: enlistment rolls, muster rolls, and casualty lists. Following any of those investigative strategies one will come upon limitless flaws and inconsistencies–the data in question are little sheets of paper generated and compiled a hundred and fifty years in the past by humans in one of the maximumdemanding and puzzling environments to ever exist. Enlistment stations have been installation in cities and cities across the united states, but for the maximum element most effective the ones stations in major northern towns can be relied upon to have preserved statistics. confederate enlistment rolls are virtually non-existent.

Muster rolls, generated each few months via commanding officials, listing infantrymen of their respective gadgets as “present” or “absent.” This offers a type of image of the unit’s composition in a selected time and region. Overlooking the common misspelling of names and popular lack of specificity concerning the situation of a “gift” or “absent” soldier, muster rolls provide a treasured inspect the beyond. sadly, those little pieces of paper have been generally transported via mule inside the rear of a combating military.


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