The horrors of Fort Pillow

The information of the confederate assault at the Union garrison at fort Pillow on 12 April 1864 had been disputed till pretty currently. This is because of the bloodbath that accompanied, and the relief to be had in supposing it a fiction. But the events that occurred in Tennessee are indeed truth.

Having beaten the Union soldiers holed up there, accomplice troops led via Nathan Bedford Forrest refused to just accept the surrender of black Union squaddies and their white officers. This became in part down to the Confederacy’s failure to see black squaddies as legitimate prisoners of battle. Accomplice Congress even declared that white officers in price of black infantrymen had been inciting “servile riot” and will, if captured, “be positioned to dying or punished”. Regardless of surrendering, an unknown number of white and black Union infantrymen were shot in preference to taken prisoner.

Maximum Southerners denied the bloodbath while the North promised a watch-for-an-eye retribution. General Sherman of the Union military decreed: “there’ll in no way be peace in Tennessee till Forrest is dead”.


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