Civil warfare

The twenty fourth Michigan squared off against the 26th North Carolina at Gettysburg and misplaced 362 out of 496 men. nearly the whole scholarbody of Ole missa hundred thirty five out 139–enlisted in enterprise A of the 11th Mississippi. agency A, additionally referred to as the “college Greys” suffered one hundred% casualties in Pickett’s fee. Eighteen participants of the Christian family of Christianburg, Virginia were killed at some point of the struggle. it’s miles anticipated that one in 3 Southern families lost as a minimum one family member.

One in thirteen surviving Civil warfare infantrymen lower back home lacking one or greater limbs. Pre-conflict jobs on farms or in factories became impossible or nearly so. This led to a upward push in cognizance of veterans’ wishes in addition to improved obligation and social strength for girls. for many, however, there was no answer. Tens of thousands of households slipped into destitution.


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