Washington Treaty, 1871

The Civil warfare persisted to have an impact in Canada for many years after the war led to 1865. Many americans remained disappointed over Canadian and Maritime movements throughout the battle and have been disillusioned over the truth that many confederate generals and even President Jefferson Davis had fled there after the warfare. Even more people had been upset that Britain had helped the Confederacy in some of approaches in the course of the conflict, including allowing ships to be constructed in Britain that have become part of the confederate navy. The usa declared that Britain needed to pay for its actions at some stage in the war, and the chairman of the Senate overseas family members Committee recommended the rate at an astronomical $2.A hundred twenty five billion. It became known as the Alabama Claims, named after the deadliest of the British-built ships that, as a part of the confederate navy, destroyed or captured nearly 60 Union ships (see Alabama).


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