In March 1864, Lincoln placed furnish in best command of the Union armies, replacing Halleck. Leaving William T. Sherman in control within the West, grant headed to Washington, wherein he led the army of the Potomac toward Lee’s troops in northern Virginia. notwithstanding heavy Union casualties within thewarfare of the wilderness and at Spotsylvania (both may additionally 1864), at cold Harbor (early June) and the key rail middle of Petersburg (June), provide pursued a approach of attrition, placing Petersburg under siege for the subsequent nine months. Sherman outmaneuvered accomplice forces to take Atlanta by using September, and then he and a few 60,000 Union troops began the well-known “March to the sea,” devastating Georgia on the manner to capturing Savannah on December 21. Columbia and Charleston, South Carolina, fell to Sherman’s men by mid-February, and Jefferson Davis belatedly passed over the ideal command to Lee, with the confederate war effort on its last legs. Sherman pressed on via North Carolina, shooting Fayetteville, Bentonville, Goldsboro and Raleigh with the aid of mid-April.

in the meantime, exhausted by the Union siege of Petersburg and Richmond, Lee’s forces made a last attempt at resistance, attacking and captured the Federal-managed citadel Stedman on March 25. an instantaneous counterattack reversed the victory, however, and at the night time of April 2-3 Lee’s forces evacuated Richmond. For maximum of the subsequent week, supply and Meade pursued the Confederates along the Appomattox River, eventually hard their opportunities for escape. provide familiar Lee’s give up at Appomattox courtroom residence on April 9. on the eve of victory, the Union lost its fantastic chief: The actor and confederate sympathizer John Wilkes booth assassinated President Lincoln at Ford’s Theatre in Washington on April 14. Sherman acquired Johnston’s surrender at Durham Station, North Carolina on April 26, efficaciously finishing the Civil warfare.


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