The American Civil War and Canadian Confederation

By means of the late 1850s, the Canadian and Maritime colonies were in trouble. Their economies had been vulnerable and money owed have been high. Their financial destiny seemed even worse while Britain ended a change cope with the colonies and the us introduced its intention to do the equal (see Reciprocity). The colonial governments have been poorly based and ineffective — and their capability to guard themselves turned into nearly non-existent. Many effective British leaders endorsed slicing ties with the difficult and costly colonies and encouraged them to become more unbiased. Canadians and Maritimers had been also aware about the danger of the us annexing or invading them due to its famous idea of occur destiny, which said that the us become destined to very own all of North america. All of these factors had led Canadian and Maritime politicians to keep in mind strengthening the small, susceptible colonies by means of joining them into a larger, richer, more defendable unit, however nothing had come of it.


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