Civil War Re-enactors and the Battle over Historic Sites

“Nation of the Union is a juxtaposition of two contrastive eras,” Segal says of the completed project, “an idealized Civil warfare embodied by way of duration re-enactors vs. The commercialism of cutting-edge lifestyles.”
“I wanted places in which actual Civil battle battles had taken area — and that had been now a part of the economic global,” Segal continues. “Rob become very acquainted with just such locations as he is been fighting for years to maintain battlefield land from improvement.”
The snap shots, that are to begin with very inviting with their ambitious shade and dramatic lights, % a complex wallop. At the beginning they’re funny—proving the concept that humor arises from the sudden collision of jarring frames of reference. But deeper lies a sturdy poignancy. Those ancestors are all around us, if most effective we may want to see them. And what do they think of us, and of what we’ve finished with the arena they passed along?
These snap shots ask us to keep in mind that it came about proper here—proper where our vehicle slowly drips transmission fluid onto the big automobile parking space out of doors Staples, or where we stand and drink a lager with the buddies at the same time as steaks sizzle at the vibrant new fuel grill and kids thumb their new Xbox controllers inside the basement. And they tell us it can in no way manifest again. We’re too busy shopping.


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