Bolstered Federal navy

Lee released another invasion of the North in early June, attacking Union forces commanded by popular George Meade on July 1 close to Gettysburg, in southern Pennsylvania. Over three days of fierce combating, the Confederates have been not able to push thru the Union middle, and suffered casualties of near 60 percentage. Meade did not counterattack, but, and Lee’s closing forces were able to escape into Virginia, finishing the last accomplice invasion of the North. also in July 1863, Union forces below Ulysses S. supply took Vicksburg (Mississippi), a victory that would prove to be the turning factor of the war in the western theater. After a confederate victory at Chickamauga Creek, Georgia, just south of Chattanooga, Tennessee, in September, Lincoln multiplied furnish’s command, and he led a bolstered Federal navy (such as corps from the navy of the Potomac) to victory in Chattanooga in late November.The abolitionist John Brown’s raid at Harper’s Ferry in 1859 convinced more and more southerners that their northern neighbors were bent on the destruction of the “peculiar institution” that sustained them. Lincoln’s election in November 1860 was the final straw, and within three months


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