St. Albans Raid

Thompson’s greatest success changed into the St. Albans Raid. On 19 October 1864, accomplice retailers left Montréal for St. Albans, Vermont, where they accumulated and confused the townsfolk at gunpoint, robbed banks and then fled returned over the border. They were chased via a St. Albans posse that left out the border, however a British soldier intervened and arrested the 14 raiders. A Canadian choose released the raiders, and the stolen cash even ended up again with them. People have been outraged, and many northern newspapers demanded that Lincoln invade Canada. But, a new set of trials and arrests helped cool tempers. Among the raiders had been in custody while the war was drawing to a near in April 1865.
Lincoln’s 1860 election had positioned one in every of occur destiny’s strongest proponents, William Henry Seward, within the powerful role of secretary of state. Then, the Civil warfare made the threat of yank invasion more likely, while the quantity of British political leaders who have been keen to cut aid for the North American colonies elevated. The time for colonial unification, Confederation, had come.


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