An anti-slavery birthday celebration

An anti-slavery birthday celebration must necessarily appearance to the North alone for support, but a united North become now sturdy sufficient to manipulate the authorities in all of its departments, and a sectional birthday celebration turned into consequently decided upon. Time and problems upon slavery had been necessary to its final touch and very last triumph. The feeling of anti-slavery, which it changed into widely recognized turned into very popular many of the people of the North, have been long dormant or passive; it needed simplest a query to arouse it into aggressive hobby. This question was before us. We had acquired a huge territory via a hit war with Mexico; Congress had to govern it; how, in relation to slavery, become the question then annoying answer. This state of records gave shape and form to the anti-slavery sentiment throughout the North and the struggle commenced. Northern anti-slavery men of all events asserted the right to exclude slavery from the territory with the aid of Congressional regulation and demanded the spark off and efficient workout of this electricity to that give up.


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