George B. McClellan–who replaced the getting older general Winfield Scott as supreme commander of the Union army after the first months of the conflictbecame liked via his troops, but his reluctance to developpissed off Lincoln. inside the spring of 1862, McClellan sooner or later led his army of the Potomac up the peninsula between the York and James Rivers, shooting Yorktown on might also four. The blended forces of Robert E. Lee and Jackson effectively drove again McClellan’s army within the Seven Days’ Battles (June 25-July 1), and a cautious McClellan known as for but extra reinforcements so as to flow in opposition to Richmond. Lincoln refused, and as an alternative withdrew the military of the Potomac to Washington. by way of mid-1862, McClellan have been changed as Union fashionable-in-leader via Henry W. Halleck, even though he remained answerable for the army of the Potomac.

Lee then moved his troops northwards and break up his men, sending Jackson to satisfy Pope’s forces close to Manassas, even as Lee himself moved one by one with the second one half of the military.


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