Proprietors of fishing smack

Even the proprietors of fishing smacks sought and obtained bounties for pursuing their very own business (which yet preserve), and $500,000 is now paid them yearly out of the Treasury. The navigating interests begged for protection in opposition to foreign shipbuilders and against competition inside the coasting exchange.

Congress granted both requests, and by way of prohibitory acts gave an absolute monopoly of this enterprise to every in their pursuits, which they revel in without diminution to these days. Now not content with those excellent and unjust blessings, they have got sought to throw the legitimate burden in their business as lots as feasible upon the general public; they have succeeded in throwing the price of mild-homes, buoys, and the renovation of their seamen upon the Treasury, and the authorities now pays above $2,000,000 annually for the guide of these objects. Theses pursuits, in connection with the industrial and manufacturing lessons, have also succeeded, via subventions to mail steamers and the reduction in postage, in relieving their enterprise from the payment of approximately $7,000,000 yearly, throwing it upon the general public Treasury under the call of postal deficiency.


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