Canadian Reaction to the American Civil War

At the conflict’s outset, what’s now Canada become made from the British colonies of Canada West and Canada East (now Ontario and Québec) and the Maritime colonies of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland. Britain declared itself neutral; that is, it’d support neither the Union nor the Confederacy. As a end result, Canada and the Maritimes have been additionally neutral.
Despite the legitimate stance, most people of Canadian and Maritime newspapers sympathized with the South, no longer due to the fact they supported slavery, however due to the fact they saw the Confederacy as a small power defying a distant, large one that become not protective its pastimes. Many Canadians and Maritimers adversarial Lincoln due to the fact he stated the conflict turned into not about freeing slaves but became about reuniting his us of a or, as he phrased it, retaining the union. Many Canadian and Maritime enterprise people bought weapons and provided other aid to both aspects.


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