Bloodstains and Bullet Holes

In honor of the a hundred and fiftieth anniversary of the U.S. Civil warfare, TIME sent photographer Henry Leutwyler to The country wide Civil struggle Museum in Harrisburg, Pa . To picture 185 artifacts, from powder horns to gambling playing cards, held within the museum’s series and curated via Brett Kelley.The Swiss-born Leutwyler has a skills for making the inanimate feel unusually intimate. His just launched e-book Neverland misplaced: A Portrait of Michael Jackson, catalogues the pop icon’s belongings in meticulous detail— such as everything from the wear on Jackson’s rhinestone dance shoes to the make-up on his blouse collar.
“An item tells approximately who owns it,” says Leutwyler. “Take off your watch and take a look at the returned of it. Have a look at the wear and tear and tear. Appearance within the leather strap. It shows if you are proper exceeded or left handed.”


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