Charu Gupta, another invigilator at Bal Bharati Public School

Charu Gupta, another invigilator at Bal Bharati Public School opines that the “easy going” paper will give boost students’ confidence.

Kunjan Kaicker, a senior English teacher at Delhi Public School, Mathura Road confirmed that papersetters had clearly stuck to their favourite areas of questioning and the entire paper had just one challenging and tricky question in the speech section but that bullet was dodged by offering a choice in the same question.

The easy paper will require individual examiners to be sensible and sincere in the marking scheme which will be anything but lenient, Kunjan added.

Samarth Gaur and Himani Arora from Bal Mandir senior secondary school are now relieved and at ease for their upcoming nerve-wracking subject. “I can go home and sleep well because I am expecting good marks from this paper”.
As per the proposal by the Labour Ministry, the universal social security, which is an all-inclusive policy will benefit over 45 crore workers in the country. It will be one of the codes of the four codes, which the ministry is finalising. It will subsume 17 existing items of legislations governing social security coverage in the country. However, the ministry is yet to send out the final draft of the new policy for wider stakeholder consultation, said an official to Economic Times . Just like in the West, the new policy will cover all the potential risks (income loss, death, illness etc) and also unemployment benefits for all. The government will meet the cost of the programme for the poor. The official said the social security cover will be paid by the taxpayers for the people below the poverty line, the taxpayer will have to suffice for themselves. As of now, around 25 percent of the basic salary, including employee and employer contributions, will go towards the provident fund of the employee and another 6 percent for insurance, taking the total contribution to more than percent 30 percent. However, going forward the policy would bring in differential rates based on income slabs. “The deductions under the universal social security cover could be substantially lowered for people below the fixed income slab while those above the set income bracket may continue to pay at the existing rate,” the official said.


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