Union army to attack the rebels

In 1860, Abraham Lincoln was elected president, in part at the promise that once new states were created they could be unfastened, this is, without slavery. This pledge, he idea, could in the end quit slavery. Southerners noticed him and the anti-slavery idea as a threat to their wealth and way of life. Between Lincoln’s election in November and his becoming president the subsequent March, seven southern states seceded, or withdrew, from the us.
The southern states created their personal us of a referred to as the confederate States of the united states. Lincoln said that secession was illegal and refused to well known the new u . S . A .. After southern (accomplice) and northerly (Union) troops fired on every different at fort Sumter, off the coast of Charleston, South Carolina, four greater southern states seceded and joined the Confederacy. Lincoln known as for the advent of a Union army to attack the rebels and reunite the usa. The accomplice president, Jefferson Davis, also built an navy, claiming it changed into had to shield his new united states of america in opposition to a overseas aggressor. The war’s first fundamental conflict occurred in July 1861, simply out of doors of Washington, DC, near Manassas, Virginia.


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