inside the mid-nineteenth century, even as america was experiencing an generation of exquisite growth, a fundamental financial distinction existed between the united states’s northern and southern regions. whilstwithin the North, production and enterprise become properly mounted, and agriculture become often confined to small-scale farms, the South’s financial system became based on a gadget of huge-scale farming that relied on the labor of black slaves to develop positive crops, specially cotton and tobacco. developing abolitionist sentiment in the North after the 1830s and northerly competition to slavery’s extension into the new western territories led many southerners to fear that the life of slavery in the usa–and for this reason the backbone of their economybecame in risk.In 1854, the U.S. Congress handed the Kansas-Nebraska Act, which basically opened all new territories to slavery through maintaining the rule of popular sovereignty over congressional edict. seasoned– and anti-slavery forces struggled violently in “Bleeding Kansas,” at the same time as competition to the act inside the North led to the formation of the Republican birthday party, a brand new political entity based at the precept of opposing slavery’s extension into the western territories.


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